5 Florida Nude Beaches


If  you are  visiting Florida or you live in Florida and want to go to a Nude Beach and enjoy the freedom that comes along with nude recreation, Florida has a lot of options. If you want to go to a nude beach and just check it out first, make sure to bring along your E-kini so you don't stand out as much. Believe it or not, when your on a nude beach and are wearing a swimsuit, you stick out quite a bit, an E-kini will help you blend in and still feel securely clothed.

There are several beach options in Florida to choose from, Here are 5 Florida Nude Beaches to consider.

1: Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This beach offers both a designated Nude Bathing area and a Clothing Required area as well. Haulover Beach attracts a very diverse group of people. No nonsense is accepted there, so if you behave inappropriately, just know you will be called out on it. The Nudist over there are very serious about keeping that beach free of any funny business.

2: Playalinda Beach

Playalinda Beach (Spanish for Beautiful Beach) is accessible from Titusville, Florida.  Although Brevard County has a nudity ordinance enforceable by the county and state law officers as well as federal park rangers, the laws are rarely or erratically enforced. This is a great beach to go to to escape the crowds. This beach is noted as a haven for eco-tourists and nudist. Due to its under development do not expect to have restrooms readily available, so plan ahead!

3: Apollo Beach

Apollo Beach is located in Hillsborough County, Florida. Although Local laws frown upon nude sun bathing, it has been a popular destination for naturalists for decades. As long as visitors are discreet and do not disturb other beach guests, disrobing is tolerated.

4: South Beach

South Beach is located in Miami, Florida. South Beach is known for its party and carefree atmosphere. Both young nudist and veteran naturalists are invited to disrobe and get their tan on. Local Laws and designated clothing optional area vary, just look out for them and have a blast. The sand is powdery soft and the sunshine is amazing.

5: St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge

St. Vincent Wildlife refuge is located in Franklin County, Florida. It is an undeveloped barrier Island just offshore from the Mouth of the Apalachicola River, in the Gulf of Mexico. You either have to own or rent a boat to reach the uninhabited refuge and primitive beaches. While no amenities are available, your can tan nude till your heart is content. The primary visitors to the island are nudists and eco-tourists, so enjoy the peaceful serenity!

Go to the Beaches this Spring and Summer and enjoy yourself. Go for the tanning, go for the serenity, just go! If you are a little worried about disrobing and possibly getting fined, check the local ordinances before enjoying in the nude recreation. If in doubt, wear an E-kini and call it a day! Once you experience a nude beach, a normal beach is just not the same!

By: Yaneris

What to bring to the beach

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For the unexperienced Beach goer, what to bring to the beach can be perplexing.  I on the other hand, consider going to the beach as my “Hobby”. It is a hobby and I don’t care what anyone else says….lol

Anyways if you are planning on going to the beach here is my list of things to bring (In no particular order). Feel free to add or omit anything that may work better for you.

    1- Beach Towel

     Beach towels are larger than regular towels so make sure to invest in one.

     2- Hat

Bring a hat to make sure you can control how much sun you get on your head, heat exhaustion is not fun.

     3- Sunblock & Tanning oil

I personally rarely wear sunblock but if you are fair skinned or you rarely see the sun anymore, make sure to bring it or you could end up as red as a cooked lobster J

Also, make sure to bring your tanning oil, Hydrating your skin makes for a much more golden, deep, rich tan

 4-Lip Sunblock

 Most people don’t realize how sensitive your lips are and how easily they  can get burned. Also, for some people intense exposure to the sun can lead  to cold sores…Not fun! So remember to bring that!

 5- Cooler

 Remember to bring a cooler filled with yummy food and fruits! Fruits are a  good snack and they are full of extra water and vitamins.

 6- Water cooler

 Bring at least a 1 gallon water cooler of water….Water bottles are just not      enough! I would say a 1 gallon water cooler would be good for 2 people. If  you have more people, consider a larger water cooler.

 7-   Backpack or Large bag

 That is just to make it easier to carry all your belongings.

 8- Plastic Zip type bags

  Make sure to place any items you do not want to get wet in a zip type            bag….you just never know.

  9- Umbrella

 Once you had enough sun for the day but still want to enjoy the rest of the   sunny, beautiful beach day, an umbrella is a must! That way you can           enjoy the whole day and not just a few hours.

10- Sunglasses

Protect your eyes, you only have one pair. Over sun exposure to the eyes can cause premature blindness.

11- Money/ Change

Some beaches charge for parking so come prepared, most do take credit cards too, so you’re good there.

I do believe that is it (Of course remember your E-kini) …. If anyone had any ideas of what to bring, please comment below and add to this list!  Most importantly, enjoy the day….relax and breath in that tranquility that only the beach could bring.

By: Yaneris



Get a Beach Butt Now!


Most people want one thing... A beautiful, toned beach butt. To get your butt nice and toned you must work out both your thighs, and your butt. Grow that muscle and it will be toned for the whole summer beach season. To get the perfect beach butt takes time and consistently. Here are some butt workouts to help get you beach ready this season.

The Squat:

The Squat is one of the foundational workouts that must be in your booty shaping exercises. The squat primarily works out the thighs, hips, buttocks, quads and hamstrings. The squat also strengths the bones, ligaments and the tendons throughout the lower body. This exercise is a vital exercise for increasing the strength and size of the legs and buttocks, it also works on developing your core strength  and your back muscles. Helpful hint: Make sure not to let your knees pass your toes, if you have, you've gone too far.

Wall Whitter:

Another great exercise is the Wall Whitter. This exercise works out your butt and your thighs. First you squat with your back to the wall, feet together, with your thighs parallel to the floor,  & hands on the hips. Maintain your back and your butt contact with the wall as you lift the left knee towards your chest, then return to the start position, then you switch legs to complete one rep. Repeat until you can't do any more and start to loose your form.


Another great Butt work out is the Lunge. The lunge is a position where one leg is positioned forward with knee bent and your foot flat on the ground, while the other leg is positioned behind. Lunges sculpt the buttocks, thighs and hamstrings. I personally like to do these exercises until I can't do any more and start loosing my form. Everyone had different strengths, so everyone has a different rep number.

Getting beach ready for your sexy swimsuit is hard work, but so worth it. A little bit of time and a lot of effort can go a long way. Exercise in your favorite swimsuit this season for extra motivation. Feel motivated, inspired, and energized to finally get the beach butt you deserve. Always remember to listen to your body and don't over extend your self but do work out Hard!

By: Yaneris

What to wear to Fantasy Fest


Fantasy Fest was first started in 1979, in Key West, Florida. It is a kind of Carnival festival with events that last 10 days. It was created to help boast the Key West Economy during its Slow season. Well, its no longer a slow season. With so many events, to many to list, You are sure to have a great time. Now, What to wear?

Key West a such a layed back town that you can pretty much wear anything. Every year they have a theme you can follow but really there are no rules. Many people spend a lot of time and thought figuring out what they are going to wear. Some stick with the costume theme, some create their own theme, some may opt in to wearing nothing (Its about the only time of the year you can get away with that in Key West), Many decide to just get their body painted and call it a day.

If you are like myself and want to participate in the festivities there is one item you just must have. It is an E-kini Thong for men. The E-kini thong is a clear lined thong that is the foundation of any costume. Why do you ask? It can blend with any costume, it can be a costume, it can also be the only thing you wear with your body painting. It is a great must have because it helps support you in all the right places, while still making you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. You can wear it as your swimsuit, underwear, a costume, it is really very versital. A clear lined thong is the right amount of risque for this type of event.

So whatever you choose to wear to Fantasy Fest make sure it's unique, fun and sexy. If you are a people watcher, this is the event to go to. Enjoy the layed back Key West atmosphere, the beautiful south Florida weather and the great people. Hope to see you all there next year, I'll be the one in the Blueberry  E-kini (My favorite Color)!

By: E

Considering becoming a Male Dancer?


If you are considering becoming a male dancer there are a few things you should consider.  After all, it’s not just dancing in front of a group and collecting your money.  There is a lot more entailed in this line of work. If you are serious about going into this line of work you should really consider these tips to become one of the best in the industry. 

Be an Exhibitionist:

You have to be okay with showing off your “assets”. After all isn’t that what you want to do? So you have to be confident and okay with nudity. Pretty obvious (I know) but still it’s important to mention.

Be in Good Shape:

You have to maintain your physic, so exercising has to be a part of your life. Your body is your product, so you have to make sure you keep it tight and fit.

Love Dancing:

You not only have to love dancing but you have to be good too. After all, you will be dancing your butt off! If you’re not naturally a good dancer well it’s time to learn! Practice shaking your money maker!

Choose the Right Music:

You can have the hottest body, the perfect moves, but you also need to consider the right music. Choose a song that is fun, seductive, and most importantly a song that you can move too. You have to feel sexy when dancing the song you choose because you want to permeate sexy.

Your Sexy Wear:

You are a sex symbol, a raging bull full of testosterone and now you have to show it. Choosing the right sexy wear, the right costume/ skimpy wear that just sets the audience in a roar, is your next task. You have to become sexy itself. What do your choose? You of course have to layer your costume, so you have layers to remove when dancing. What skimpiness are you going to be left wearing? I’d recommend a clear-lined thong. With a clear-lined thong you can give the illusion of being nude without having to be.  You have a little pouch covering you were you want, but when you turn around…Watch out! You look nude. The clear lined thong gives you the ILLUSION of being nude, the crowd will love that! That should be the last layer you end up with. A definite addition to your costume collection.

A Don’t Care Attitude:

In your line, you will come across haters. People who don’t agree with your career choice. You have to develop an “I Don’t Care” attitude about your job choice. So what if someone doesn’t agree with your line of profession? As long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone and not putting your life at risk, it’s your choice.  This is a big obstacle most long term dancers overcome.

Be Comfortable dancing for both Women & Men:

You have to be comfortable dancing for both women and men. Period. Regardless of your sexual preference. It’s not all about what you want. Your exchanging money for a dance. 

So, if you’re considering becoming a male dancer, do it right.  Become that fantasy come to life. Think Sexy, different, seductive, and free. Have fun with it, the audience is there to have fun, so be playful. Most importantly, enjoy what you do, whatever your job preference, have fun with it.

By: Yaneris


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